On my #techcomm bookshelf

On my #techcomm bookshelf

Why the GDP Drop Is Good for the U.S. Economic Outlook

WTF? Did Business Week tried to argue that a drop in GDP is a good thing? What’s next? “Why Unemployment Growth is good for worker?”

Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Rock Hudson, Hollywood's Most Eligible Bachelor   

Origins of porn star names?

Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Rock Hudson, Hollywood’s Most Eligible Bachelor

Quote from the article:
Willson would take these Captain Americas, usually have sex with them, strip them of their names, and rebuild them from the ground up. He gave them preposterous yet catchy stage names that somehow combined the very normal with the very unique. There’s Rock Hudson, of course, but there’s also Troy Donaghue, Tab Hunter, Rory Calhoun, Guy Madison, Clint Walker, Clint Richie, Chad Everett, Guy Williams, Grant Williams, Van Williams, Cal Bolder, Rad Fulton, Rand Saxon, Race Gentry, Chance Gentry, Chance Nesbitt, and, best star name of all time, DACK RAMBO.

Shut your mouth!

Shut your mouth!



A list of all the “mobile” devices that I owned

Palm III Casio BE300 Sony Clie NX70 Palm m125 Danger Hiptop 2 Treo 600 N95 E71 HTC Touch N900, iPhone 3G 3GS HTC Dream Samsung Galaxy S2 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 2 HP Touchpad iPhone 5

The American Middle Class Is No Longer the World’s Richest

There was a time when one was better off being the poorest American than the richest of other nation. Not anymore.

More Men Should Use a Safety Razors

I bought one of these in Macau seven years ago for less than a hundred pataca —- less than $10 — as a novelty item. I’ve been using it now because:

  1. it is easier than my straight razor;
  2. it is a closer shave than electric;
  3. it is infinitely cheaper than disposable.

How cheap? I’ve been more or less reusing razorblades because I am too lazy to throw them out. I have about once every three days. I think I have the same 20 blades for the last five years. That’s right, less than a dollar a year.